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Humic Fulvic Minerals

Back in stock on sale as well as other items. How can we help you become your greatest version?

We have samples available.

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🌿Humic and Fulvic and their minerals play a key role in the regulation of blood pressure, blood pH for proper Oxygenation, and normal heart contractility. Humic and Fulvic naturally carries many of the minerals in their proper proportion that our cardiovascular systems need to function optimally. Patients with Hypertension will often report blood pressure normalization after starting to take Humic and Fulvic.

Humic acid acts as a pre-biotic, even though it is not really a fiber in and of itself. This means that it helps to boost the good bacteria within our gut. Interestingly, the humic helps the body replenish a person’s native bacteria that is unique and specific for each individual. Rather than adding in some of the more common probiotics known through a supplement (which can still be beneficial), using humic acid helps the native, person-specific bacteria flourish.

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Full Spectrum Humic Fulvic Acid Complex Minerals Bulk Sale

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