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Organic Canna, Rose, Chamomile Tea 1 oz Loose leaf

Organic Canna, Rose, Chamomile Tea 1 oz Loose leaf

Canna infused teas are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those looking for a convenient alternative to traditional consumption methods and wanting to avoid the associated risks of smoking, which can be especially helpful if you’re battling respiratory diseases or afflictions of the mouth or throat.

But these drinkables are by no means new innovations. Throughout history, several prominent cultures have harnessed cannabis’ healing power through teas. In many Jamaican and East Indian households a common home remedy for morning sickness and pregnancy-related stress is is often a cup of cannabis-infused tea.

Another reason for canna infused teas’ increasing popularity is that they contain more therapeutic benefits than traditional smoking. And, unlike smoking’s quick reaction time, cannabis-infused teas have a longer build due to the digestive tract’s absorption of the liquid’s active ingredients.

Tea made from brewing the leaves of the plant, not the bud, produces milder effects and doesn’t generate the traditional “heavy” or “stoned” sensations associated with other ingestion methods. Because of this, many say they feel “renewed” by the overall mild euphoria that often accompanies drinking cannabis tea, providing a great choice for those wishing to avoid becoming overly intoxicated.

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